Troubleshooting Your Computer After a Crash

2010 One Stop Shop Producers Conference (Las Vegas)If you are someone that is dealing with a computer crash, you may not be able to get your computer started again or you may be afraid of rebooting due to the fact that you could lose important files. Computer crashes happen for various reasons. Sometimes if the hard drive or computer tower becomes overheated, the computer will automatically shut down in order to minimize damage. Viruses can also cause computer crashes, and it can be hard to tell whether or not your computer has a virus unless you are extremely tech-savvy.

When a computer crashes, it will usually shut down instantly, and many times computer owners are unable to restart. They may get error messages or what is referred to as the Blue Screen of Death, which is the screen that appears when Windows automatically shuts down a computer. If you are concerned that a virus may be the culprit of your computer issues, the best thing to do is to contact a professional computer technician. Continue reading Troubleshooting Your Computer After a Crash

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A one stop computer shop can handle everything and anything. It makes it easier if you have multiple computers or multiple problems. Save money by only having to deal with one store rather than wasting time finding one for each issue. It is also easier when you can get to know just one person or staff that you will be dealing with

If your PC crashes, they can diagnose and fix it at the same time. Maybe a virus has caused the problem. Continue reading Get All Your Computer Needs in One Place